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Saptha Resort & Spa
Wayanad, Kerala
An existing development in Wayanad with a steep terrain adjoining paddy fields towards its South East direction forms the site. The design evolved as a response to the topography of the site; the need for orienting spaces to harness the wind as well as opening up spaces to the beautiful views of the paddy fields. The rustic aesthetic for the resort was achieved by blending the vernacular materials used by Wayanad’s indigenous communities, with a mix of contemporary style of architecture. There is an interplay of built and open volumes, with courtyards and waterbodies welcoming nature into the design. The timeless minimalistic design allows the guests to disconnect in repose away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The access road along the site frontage gives the visitor a panoramic view of the resort, which then winds up the North East end of the site. The main entry sits uphill and leads to the reception lobby and the speciality restaurant. A separate entrance allows access to the state-of-the-art convention centre of the resort.

With a maximum height restriction of 10 meters, zoning the various functions along the slope was a major challenge. The hierarchy of the functions was defined by the requisite for separate access to different spaces as well as privacy factors. The linear arrangement of the blocks ensures an undisrupted view of the fields and the hills beyond from each unit. The speciality restaurant was strategically placed close to the entry to facilitate easy access for the non-residents. Reception lobby sits equidistant from every block at the centre of the site.

The planting is done in an informal pattern, creating an interesting design of contrasting foliage, texture and colour. It is designed as series of spaces, responding to the built volume and allows a variety of landscape experiences, and layers of vision. Resonating with the design, the space exudes warmth through the colour palette, which is a combination of subtle colours that are contrasted with the rich tones of wood, the dark stone flooring and the ever present green.

The project is complete with a material palette that reflects the lifestyle of the indigenous tribal groups of Wayanad. Bamboo, elements of Arecanut palm, natural stone, timber and the local species of flora used for landscaping, all contributes to the warm luxurious ambience of the resort.
The local community of Wayanad plays an active role in the functioning of the resort. Members of the community have been specially trained to perform various roles throughout the site.

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