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Kumarakom Lake Resort
Kumarakom, Kerala
Water, the overriding metaphor of the ecosystem of the backwaters of Kerala forms the leitmotif of the design of Kumarakom Lake Resort.

The regional context of the built forms of Kerala and more specifically the vernacular architecture of central Kerala is an exercise in various degrees of enclosure. The steep pitched roof becomes the strong all-pervasive aesthetic element; the rhythmic compositions of the tiled roof along with the deep-eaved verandahs form the basic architectural vocabulary, with elements of the highly articulate woodwork adding character to the spaces.

The project was set in a period when people started showing apathy towards the traditional structures, with many of these dismantled and even disposed of as firewood. The design was thus an attempt to showcase the splendor of traditional Kerala architecture. A major portion of the woodwork comprises of salvaged wooden elements from traditional Kerala homes, which were reused seamlessly as an ode to Kerala architecture to rekindle the pride in one’s heritage.

The public areas of the resort are zoned away from the private residential areas, achieving functional clarity through a simple transition of spaces. The large curvaceous meandering pool with palm-fringed edges creates a serene ambiance, with all the rooms opening out into this semi-private pool, accessed through a series of steps reminiscent of the ‘Kulapadavus' of the traditional Kerala architecture. This interpretation of a regional architectural typology helped in giving a unique identity to the whole project, rendering it with a timeless quality.

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