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Brunton Boatyard
Fort Kochi, Kerala
The built fabric of Fort Cochin has been shaped by an amalgamation of influences defined by a diverse progression of cultures – the Jewish, the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British. These have manifested in a series of built forms, shaped by the influence of external forces who have left strong traces of their architectural notions on the urban texture of Fort Cochin.

This unique architectural and cultural context had to be addressed in the design, which necessitated an in-depth analysis by the architects on the various historical influences. The site that housed the old boatyard of Brunton and Sons was located ideally on a beautiful harbour; where the strong scents and stories of the old spice trade, which Kochi was renowned for, still lingers on.

The initial concept conceived a series of layers progressing onto the waterfront. The strong monolithic entry wall defines the first layer, giving a glimpse into the inner space. The entrance lobby articulated as a linear verandah-like space forms the second layer, which help define the entrance and further opens out onto the large central courtyard, which forms the focus of the whole composition. This further merges into the next layer which is the porous restaurant leading one down to the lawn and subsequently to the waterfront. The resulting vistas, framed by layers of spaces would’ve created a very interesting visual progression from the entrance to the waterfront.

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