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Alila Diwa
Majorda, Goa
Fabulous sandy beaches, monumental churches, flea markets, strong colonial influences and a vibrant nightlife; all that is Goa! It is a heady concoction of old world charm and cosmopolitan outlook. This context provides the ideal setting for the expression of a unique hospitality experience. One of the first impressions, while exploring the spaces of the Alila Diwa resort is the well-articulated architectural vocabulary rooted in Goan sensibilities and contemporary styling.

Nature is integral in the grand scheme of things with large porous courtyards and beautiful old trees offsetting the built volumes. The existing trees on the site are strategically integrated into the spatial design, with the spaces woven around the larger trees in a symbiotic relationship.

Borrowing cues from the regional architecture, the spatial quality is elevated by detailing that references the vernacular but which is interpreted in a contemporary aesthetic. The material palette is a refined combination of predominantly local materials like laterite combined with the textures of the regionally available stones and woods.

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