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Kaav Safari Lodge
Kabini, Karnataka
Set amidst the serene environs of the Nagarhole wildlife sanctuary, Kaav Safari Lodge is a boutique property that offers tastefully refined ambience for a sojourn in the wilderness.

There was a nondescript two storeyed structure in the property, raised on stilts. This formed the template from which the design evolved. A conscious decision was taken to alter and modify this structure itself, to make it fit for a totally new spatial typology and functionality - an exercise in adaptive reuse.

The entry sequence sets the tone for the spatial experience. The grand thematic entry gesture is totally done away with, and a subtle path leads one up into a semi-covered passage with a visual axis looking out to the distant pool area beneath the banyan tree. The spreading canopy of the beautiful banyan tree, together with the hanging root formations create a unique ambience for the pool, which is further accentuated by the rustic granite deck. The insides of the pool are finished in cement, which causes the water to catch the varied hues of the sky, presenting pristine azure tones in the daylight, which in combination with the context of the surrounding forest and the grand banyan creates a soothing ambience to relax.

The rooms on the first floor further enhance the theme of earthy elegance, one which complements the context of the jungle.
Regional idioms are invoked – the innovatively designed hanging light above the open pantry incorporates the red rings of the ‘Channapatna toys', a good example of incorporating the regional handicraft traditions into the built vocabulary.

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