Team Thai Corporate Office
Calicut, Kerala
A linear sloping site facing the southwest, along a busy highway, defined the context for this Corporate office in Calicut. The functional areas of the building are deliberately raised up from the ground, leaving the ground floor free as a multifunctional space.

The external landscape continues into the building and onto the raised portion of the land on the rear, which is articulated as an informal extension of the office space. This continuous space is resolved as a series of levels that allows the landscape to move in & out and form the spine around which all activities are organized.

The functional spaces are protected from the harsh western sun by a high barrier wall on the periphery, with breakout spaces in between. The office spaces are further sheltered from glare by a screen wall on the front and side. The terrace is converted into a garden and lounge which adds another layer against the hot tropical climate and helps keep the interiors cool.

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