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Malabar Headquarters
Calicut, Kerala
A steep sloping site, facing the west presented a unique challenge for the design of the Malabar Group Headquarters at Calicut. The design is resolved as a series of levels along the contours which reduces the intervention on-site to a minimum.

The lower four levels accommodate the parking and service areas. Office spaces rise up from the large landscaped podium above, which serves as the main entry-level. To take advantage of the wonderful views all around, the office areas are designed as transparent open plans and rise up four floors above the podium.

Strategically placed balconies with large trees and vegetation on the western facade cut out the intense sun, creating a green buffer. They also serve as gardens in the sky, providing spill out spaces that can be accessed from various floor levels.

The roof is designed as a landscaped gathering space that slopes all the way down to the ground and has amphitheaters, lounges, pavilions, and plenty of vegetation, serving as a space to get together and unwind. The inherent honesty in the usage of materials along with the contextually relevant design helps in creating a highly sustainable building, one which is integrally connected to nature.

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