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Pallavi Namdev Couture Studio
Kochi, Kerala
The design of the boutique for Label Pallavi Namdev has evolved from the philosophy of the brand, which draws inspiration from traditional richness while being contemporary in spirit. The design creates a memorable, immersive and experiential space which sits lightly – one, with a warm, rich ambience, exquisitely detailed and crafted to reflect the values of the brand, while being cost-effective.

The transparent glass face of the boutique is deliberately tucked inside the façade line of the existing building, and an inclined metal frame added to create a dynamic sense of entry. A delicate screen extends out from inside in a welcoming embrace and creates an interesting transition through which one enters the boutique.

A semi-circular feature wall finished in copper oxide draws the eye and creates an anchor. The spaces are deliberately kept open to avoid clutter and flow seamlessly into one another. Strategically placed transparent screens delineate the space into functional zones, while creating seamless transitions. The copper coloured mesh screens on metal frames create a sense of transparency and lightness, and subconsciously demarcate areas while visually expanding the compact space and creating a graceful layering.

The patterns used in the space are derived from unique weaving designs which were evolved as part of the brand identity. These traditional motifs are interpreted in a sleek manner to create a delicate design and are used subtly in multiple elements, right from the screens, to the flooring, furnitures and even the display modules. The general flooring is deliberately done in black granite so as to focus attention on the display. A runway is created by inserting a blue coloured patterned tile in a stretch of the floor to the left of the central space. This helps in functionally demarcating the display area and also doubles up as an informal ramp for special occasions and photoshoots. The furnitures in this zone are thus deliberately designed as movable to allow the space to be multi-functional.

A graceful curved screen delineates the Bridal lounge which is tucked in around the core of the existing building. Inclined floor to ceiling mirrors expands the volume and creates a dynamic experiential space. The lounge creates an intimate, private space for trying out multiple garments. A compact fitting room is tucked in behind one of the large mirrors. A comfortable seating space is provided for the entourage of the bride to discuss and select the garments, elevating it into a memorable experience.
Tall mirrors are strategically integrated into the screen to create multiple reflective planes and create a sense of mystique, while expanding the footprint. The display systems are custom designed to enable a premium display experience while being functional. The lighting is thoughtfully done to highlight the garments on display while simultaneously creating a warm, luxurious ambience. The colour palette is carefully chosen to exude a sense of luxury, richness and chic to the space.

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