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Calicut, Kerala
One of the highest points in Calicut, with beautiful views all around, defined the site for this residence. The design evolved as a response to the topography of the site, the need for orienting spaces to harness the wind as well as opening up spaces to the wonderful views of the distant Western Ghats on one side and on the other, the sliver of sea on the horizon.

Seamless transitions are created from the interiors to the exteriors, bringing in the unique visual tapestry of nature as an integral design element.

The soul of the house is on the upper level which houses the double-height volumes of the living room and the dining, defined by the large sloping roof which is relevant in Kerala’s context. The pool and its surroundings form the main area for relaxation and for intimate social gatherings.

Most of the woodwork in the interior is salvaged from an old dismantled house and reused in unique ways. The material palette is a combination of subtle colours of the exposed cement oxide on the walls contrasted with the deep tones of the reused wood, the dark stone Cudappah flooring and the ever present green. The house is a reflection of the passion of the client for arts and is filled with collected art and crafts which adds another layer to the spaces.

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