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Montana Plas
Montana Estates, Calicut
Borrowing cues from the regional architecture, the spatial quality is elevated by detailing referencing the vernacular but interpreted in a contemporary aesthetic.

The design evolved as a series of linear built spaces with open courtyards and landscape in between to allow plenty of natural light and ventilation inside. Taking advantage of the slope of the site, the main living areas are on a raised level, which allows unhindered views all around, with the parking and service areas placed on the lower levels. Nature is an integral part of all the spaces with large porous courtyards and beautiful landscaping offsetting the built volumes.

Seamless transitions are created from the interiors to the exteriors, bringing in the unique visual tapestry of nature as an integral design element.

Courtyards are strategically placed to create expanses of green and bring in plenty of natural light and ventilation. There is a hierarchy of prvacy levels in the design with the entry zone having the sit out, the formal living and dining areas while the more private spaces are further inside. The entry is through an open sit-out defined by a sloping room with an interestingly designed truss of steel and wood.

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