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Bagalur, Tamil Nadu
Matchbox House is a residential project by Stapati architects on an existing mango farm. The house was designed to have a strong connection with the environment and as such, no trees were cut during construction.
The 250 square meter house consists of two blocks - one for semi-private areas such as the living room, kitchen & dining, nanny room, and powder room, and the other for private areas such as bedrooms with attached bathrooms. The private block is designed to slide into the semi-private block, resembling a matchbox. The semi-private area is raised to offer views of the mango trees and a raised lily pond, while the private areas are wrapped around natural stone wall courtyards for added privacy and a close relationship with the inner gardens.

Guests can appreciate the 35-foot-high rammed earth wall, made from soil excavated from the site, both from the inside and out. The 45-centimeter-thick rammed earth walls provide shelter, privacy, and insulation, as well as pleasant acoustics and temperature regulation. The earth walls are complemented by Kota floors, oxide, and stone walls. The house also features large double-height windows that allow plenty of natural light. A flight of stairs leads to the mezzanine level, which serves as a space for hobbies and entertainment opening into a balcony with views of the farm. The mezzanine and lower spaces of the house are united by a jack-arched roof.

Overall, the design of Matchbox House is simple and minimal, focusing on expressing a sense of serenity. This is achieved through the use of natural materials and an innate connection to the surrounding environment.

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