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Postcard Mandalay Hall
Mattancherry, Kerala
Mandalay Hall is one of few remaining Jewish homes on the Synagogue lane, the historic Jew Town, adjacent to the Paradesi Synagogue built in the 1500's.

Inspired by the history and beauty of the heritage structure, Mandalay Hall was conceived, bridging Kochi’s past and present. The old structure was adaptively reused and converted into a boutique hotel. A conscious decision was taken to retain as much of the old structure, keeping the interventions to a bare minimum.

Mustard toned rustic walls lead one into a warmly lit reception area. The guiding walls are remnants of the past and are complemented by the luscious tropical courtyard that lies ahead. The luxury rooms or ‘galleries’ on the first-floor host custom installations by different artists and create a new layer of three-dimensional immersive experiences in the existing space.

At the center of the property is an open courtyard, which has been sensitively landscaped to create a green oasis.

The space also houses the Panchaloham, a high-end antique jewelry boutique, and 'Aah', an experimental restaurant serving contemporary Kerala cuisine.

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