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Madhuban Resort and Spa
Anand, Gujarat
Set in Anand, Gujarat in western India, the site was a sprawling flat one that was previously a beautiful mango orchard. The surrounding context was predominantly industrial, with the site almost like an oasis in the middle of a vast mechanical landscape.

The architectural response centered on the resolution of the spatial planning to accommodate the multiple issues of designing in a harsh dry climate with scarce natural elements. There is a clear delineation of the public realm from the more private spaces.

The compositional tactics employ a series of landscaped spaces as a buffer between the different functional areas, which offers a pleasant shift away from the predominantly dry landscapes of the region. Waterbodies and courtyards break up the spatial composition and provide the much-required micro-climatic cooling to accommodate the harsh climate of the region. This refined reading of the climatic considerations, combined with the fundamental questions on space, materials and culture defined the evolution of a mature architectural vocabulary that takes cues from the vernacular architecture of the region, interpreting it in a contemporary manner.

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