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Biennale Pavillion
Fort Kochi, Kerala
The ‘Pavilion’ is an ode to memories. A form recollected from the distant past, born out of the architect’s experience of spaces, colors, textures, emotions and sensations. Like a dream that seeps into the mind as you wander into deep sleep, these fragmented images, retrieved from the mind’s repository, coalesce to form the pavilion.

The design organically evolves from the context of the site, drawing parallels to the surrounding fabric of Fort Kochi, with its adaptively reused structures. The space attempts to create a unique ambiance of cultural rootedness through motifs which draws associations from our history and context – the transition of spaces, gathering courts, celebrations, tactile sensations, traditional constructs, and typologies. It is an exploration into recycling and reusing materials as a way of reducing the impact on the environment - a space that came from nothing, existing for the specific functional time period and then going back into nothingness.

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2Exterior Pc Kochi Biennale Foundation2Exterior Pc Kochi Biennale Foundation5Debis Wall Pc Kochi Biennale Foundation5Debis Wall Pc Kochi Biennale Foundation
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