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Green Mist
Calicut, Kerala
The design evolved as a series of built spaces filled with plenty of natural light and ventilation inside with clean lines creating a refined contemporary aesthetic. Taking advantage of the slope of the site, the main living areas are on a raised level, which allows unhindered views all around, with the parking and service areas placed on the lower levels.

There is a hierarchy of privacy levels in the design with the entry zone having the large sit-out which is the more public zone, beyond which lies the formal living and dining areas with the private spaces further inside. The open sit-out, surrounded by water courts has wonderful views of the distant mountains as a backdrop and has an interesting patterns of circular skylights on the ceiling which creates an ever-changing play of light through the day. The interiors of the house are organized around a courtyard with the living and dining spaces on the east looking out onto the views of the mountains. The spaces extend out onto the large landscaped yard on the rear side.

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