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Stapati launches it’s first furniture line ‘Smaram’
July 1, 2020
Stapati launches its first furniture line ‘Smaram’. Smaram draws inspiration from the materials around us, crafting them into beautiful works of art. Every creation at Smaram has a story and history, which begins with reclaimed wood and vintage elements that undergo unique design transformations to become one of a kind furniture and household pieces. Taking forward our inherent values of sustainability, we've tried to reduce the need for new materials; instead, trying to conserve, preserve, and breathe new life into the old.

At the very core of the brand is the idea of recollections or memories, 'smara', where the products pay homage to its past materiality while taking on new forms and functions. Each piece carefully balances the old and the new - stories that have been told and the ones that are yet to take shape.

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